FBI Director James Comey announced his agency won't recommend charges against former Secretary of State Hillary, but Republican National Committee spokesman Sean Spicer argued the findings were still a "clear indictment" of her judgement.

Spicer told CNN that the news furthers her issues with trust, adding that any "reasonable person" who heard what Comey had to say in the press conference would agree that her judgement and and fitness should be openly examined.

"I think these findings by the FBI are a clear indictment on Hillary Clinton's judgment and fitness to be president. The office that she is seeking requires the highest level of judgment, making sure that our nation's secrets are protected, but also creating a culture in which people understand the importance of that," Spicer said.

"What the FBI director laid out today was clearly somebody who doesn't understand the importance of our national security, who puts themselves ahead of the rules for everyone else ... There is no question that this is a true indictment on her judgment and fitness to be president."

The RNC spokesman, however, did not echo the sentiments laid out by presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump, who argued that former CIA Director David Petraeus did far less than Clinton and received a harsher punishment. The real estate mogul called the decision "very very unfair," saying also that the system is rigged.

Spicer also questioned Attorney General Loretta Lynch's meeting with former President Bill Clinton. The pair's meeting was heavily scrutinized, with both saying last week that they regretted it. The meeting took place at an airport in Phoenix last week.

"We already know that ... the former president met with Loretta Lynch. You're turning this evidence over to a Department of Justice that you have to question what's going on here. They had a private meeting last week," Spicer said.

"So what happened in the meeting, what really was said between President Clinton and Attorney General Lynch. But the system looks like when the FBI turned it over to the Department of Justice has made it clear what they're going to do with this."