Imagine you are are a loyal Republican; you've voted in every election for Republican candidates and even donated to a Republican candidate in your state, and you receive a letter from the Republican National Committee telling you that you are no longer a Republican.

"EXIT INTERVIEW ENCLOSED," reads the envelope. "We're sorry to see you go…"

Inside, a letter from RNC Chairman Reince Priebus sadly asks why the recipient has decided to leave the Republican Party.

"I'm surprised and saddened to see you go," he writes. "I was counting on you to stand with us."

The letter points out that since the recipient hasn't donated to the RNC, he or she must have left the Republican Party.

"You haven't responded to our previous requests to renew your financial support of the Republican National Committee … so I can only conclude that you've decided to leave our party," the letter continues.

The letter asks the recipient to fill out a two-minute "exit survey" to find out what the RNC can do better.

"Complete the enclosed 'Republican National Committee Exit Interview' so that I can personally learn why you've decided to leave us," Priebus concludes. "Tell me how I can prevent others like you from giving up."

A card gives the recipient two options: Check a box to donate money to the RNC, or check the box telling Priebus that you've left the Republican Party.

A copy of the mailer was provided to the Washington Examiner by a Virginia woman, who says she voted for Ken Cuccinelli in 2013 and even donated money to his campaign. She also says she has never donated money to the RNC.