The Republican National Committee raised $9.2 million in the month of October and has brought in more than $113 million so far this year, far outpacing their Democratic counterparts, according to the latest filings with the Federal Election Commission.

The RNC ended October with $42.5 million in the bank and no debt. The Democratic National Committee, meanwhile, raised $3.9 million in October and $55 million this year.

The DNC has $5 million cash-on-hand and $3.2 million in debt.

Most of the money — 60 percent — raised in direct contributions to the RNC came from donations under $200. The party raised $4.29 million in small-dollar donations, bringing its total for the year to $48 million.

The RNC’s latest fundraising haul marks a successful year so far for the party, which has continued to bring in more money than the DNC.