The GOP’s “Growth and Opportunity” report recommends that there be fewer Republican primary presidential debates in 2016, suggesting that the brutal process in 2012 was not helpful for Republicans.

“The number of debates has become ridiculous, and they’re taking candidates away from other important campaign activities,” the report states frankly, noting that there were 20 primary debates in the 2012 cycle and 21 primary debates in the 2008 cycle.

In the 2000 cycle there were only 13 debates.

The report recommends that the number of debates be cut in half and occur no earlier than September 1, 2015.

Other recommendations suggest that the RNC announce a tighter debate schedule in advance and even penalize states who try to operate outside of the schedule.

The report also refers to an “intriguing” suggestion about forming a “debate organization” in charge of setting the debate stage instead of relying on the media.

“Doing so would create an additional impetus for candidates to participate in RNC-sanctioned debates only, but even if this happens, it will remain important to work closely with the media so they agree to broadcast them,” reads the report. “After all, there is no point in putting on a debate that almost no one watches. It makes no sense to take back the debates so we can keep them to ourselves.”