Former White House secretary of staff Rob Porter claimed he only tapped on a glass pane of his home when it shattered, even though his ex-wife claimed he punched his fist through the pane in order to enter their home, according to a new report.

Porter, who was accused last week by both of his ex-wives of being abusive, claimed that his hand went through a glass pane of his home as he used his index finger to knock on the glass. He was attempting to gather some of his belongings from his home, as he and his ex-wife Jennifer Willoughby were separated at the time.

But Willoughby, who called the police after Porter entered the home and attempted to bandage his injury, claims the pane was smashed by Porter’s fist. The incident caused her to file a restraining order against him for reportedly breaking into their home.

The anecdote is part of a broader narrative that Porter attempted to weave to downplay the allegations, according to ABC.

According to the Daily Mail, Porter called Willoughby a “fucking bitch” while they were on their honeymoon and grabbed her out the shower on one occasion. The report also highlighted a protective order that she obtained against Porter in 2010.

Porter’s first wife then told the Daily Mail in a separate report that the former White House aide had punched her face and choked her, among other abuses. The second report featured a photo of his first wife with a black eye.

Porter told the White House his wife bruised her eye after falling during a struggle over an altercation regarding a Venetian vase.

Porter announced Wednesday he would be stepping down from his post, but denied the abuse allegations.

The situation has caused some to question why Porter, who had not obtained a full security clearance due to the allegations, was permitted to work in a top role in the Trump administration.

The incident has caused the White House to come under fire for it’s approach concerning allegations of misconduct.