Immigration reform is not dead and Speaker John Boehner wants to keep House Republicans moving forward, according to National Review’s Robert Costa.

Costa suggested that members of the mainstream press who were pessimistic about the bill’s future in the House had a “case of Steve King fever” – referring to the congressman from Iowa who remains a vocal opponent of immigration reform.

Costa, however, indicated that House Republicans were not giving up on the issue.

“There’s a sense that because the right flank of the Republican party – especially in the House – is so vocal, that they’re somehow dominating the debate,” Costa said, “But I really tried to read between the lines in today’s meeting and I heard this from Speaker Boehner. He wants to do something on immigration reform, Paul Ryan was quite vocal and positive in the meeting about immigration reform and so I don’t think they’re ruling anything out.”

Costa added that House Republicans were not ruling out a path for legalization and that even though any legislation would be likely be a “long process” in the House it wasn’t necessarily dead.