Nothing has changed regarding Robert Griffin III: He remains ahead of schedule; nobody knows for sure when he'll return; and he needs to avoid contact more.

This won't change either: He'll continue running the zone read option. Which is as it should be.

It wasn't the read option that got him injured; it was his decisions on scramble plays. But with the zone read option, the quarterback, in theory, is protected. Early in the year, teams would try to handle the back and the quarterback with one guy. If Griffin kept the ball, it was because the end crashed inside on the back and no one covered him.

But as defenses adjusted, they would bring a linebacker around to the outside. Griffin still was safe; the offense used the fullback to run a bluff block, faking at the end and then taking care of the linebacker. And Griffin again ran free.

In reality, though, he'll only have to run it once or twice a game.

"We don't have to run [the option], but they have to prepare for it," Redskins coach Mike Shanahan told reporters at the owners meeting.

But before Griffin can run the ball, he must prove that he's 100 percent healthy. Shanahan told reporters it'll be up to the doctors and trainers -- not himself or Griffin -- as to when he'll return.

"But what you don't want to do is say, 'Hey it's July 1st, you're looking pretty good,'?" Shanahan said, "and the doctor says, 'Wait a minute, he's still a month away.' [Doctors] can see that on the MRI. I can't see that."

- John Keim