Robert Mueller's special counsel team has talked to White House officials about releasing the names of the aides who were aboard Air Force One when senior staffers crafted President Trump's initial statement on reports Donald Trump Jr. met with Russian citizens at Trump Tower last year, according to a report Thursday afternoon.

The federal investigators and White House have had discussions to determine who was involved in writing Trump's statement and whether certain information was purposely left out.

CNN reported Mueller's team has not interviewed any White House staffers as of Thursday and is not looking to speak directly with the president despite wanting to learn more about Trump's role in writing the message.

Earlier this summer, Trump Jr. shared emails about a meeting with a Russian lawyer. He had claimed in his follow-up statement they "primarily discussed a program about the adoption of Russian children," which was later debunked as a result of him sharing the messages.

Trump Jr. was promised damaging information about then-Democratic rival Hillary Clinton. It was only during the meeting that he, Jared Kushner, and Paul Manafort realized it appeared to be a ploy to get them in the room and then make a pitch about reforming adoption policies.

Mueller's team is investigating to see if any discussion of collusion between Trump's associates and Russia took place during this meeting or at any time during the 2016 election.