Houston Rockets rookie Royce White hasn't yet appeared at training camp as he and the team work out a plan to help treat his anxiety disorder, which manifests itself in a fear of flying.

White wants to ride a bus to some games, and it's an idea that makes some sense. When the Wizards play the 76ers, for instance, it takes longer to get to Dulles than the charter plane is in the air to Philadelphia.

While it's right to support White's efforts -- and general manager Daryl Morey said the Rockets intend to -- the practical aspects get complicated really quickly. Only San Antonio, Dallas and New Orleans are within a six-hour drive of Houston. Oklahoma City is more than seven hours away, and Memphis is nearly 10. That covers just nine of 41 road games, and it doesn't take into account back-to-backs or missed practices.

If White gets his wish, he could be in for plenty of overnight rides from the Bay Area to Los Angeles or from New York to Washington. And if the sleeping accommodations are good enough, it won't take long for teammates to start asking for a ride.

- Craig Stouffer