TAMPA, Fla. -- Once he's formally accepted his party's presidential nomination on Thursday, Republican Mitt Romney will head to Virginia, picking up where his campaign left off prior to the convention.

Romney and his vice presidential pick, Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, will swoop into Richmond on Friday, just hours after Romney addresses the Republican National Convention Thursday night. The event will take place at Richmond International Airport around 2 p.m.

It was in Virginia earlier this month that Romney announced Paul as his running mate. A week later, Paul toured the Richmond area and Northern Virginia introducing himself to voters in the critical swing state.

President Obama, too, has beefed up his presence in Virginia. He was in Charlottesville for a rally near the University of Virginia campus Wednesday. Vice President Joe Biden toured the western half of the state earlier this month.

Virginia has played a prominent role in the Republican convention and it promises to be a central focus of both campaigns down the stretch. Virginians have front-row seats in Tampa, Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell was a marquee speaker Tuesday night, and the state had the honor of seconding the nomination of Romney's candidacy.