Expecting to wrap up the GOP nomination at the end of April, some in the Romney presidential campaign are turning to their “Prosecution of Obama” project, eager to assail the president’s handling of jobs and the economy before he has a chance to convince the public that his polices are working.

A campaign associate told Secrets that the project will illustrate with ads and speeches “how Barack Obama’s policies have hurt the middle class, given more and more people concerns about their jobs and prices, and put downward pressure on households.” Added the insider, “what Obama has done so far hasn’t worked and, when needed, he didn’t lead.”

The campaign will offer Romney’s alternative story-line: that he is a business and political leader who has a plan to fix the economy and bring back jobs.

Some campaign officials are already looking at how to package that message in ads and speeches, but insiders say it shouldn’t be hard. “We can find the unemployed air conditioning worker who’s having trouble finding a job in this economy,” said one.

The national campaign against Obama comes as Mitt Romney and his team are looking to wrap up the nomination at the end of April when Delaware, Pennsylvania, New York, Rhode Island and Connecticut hold elections. “By the time we get to the end of April, the handwriting will be on the wall,” said pollster Whit Ayres.