In the uncut video of comments made by Mitt Romney at a fundraiser, he explains why he chose not to accept an invitation to appear on Saturday Night Live.

“I did not do that, in part because you want to show that you are fun and you’re good person, but you also want to appear presidential,” Romney said, adding that show could come off as “slapstick” and “not presidential.”

Romney added that he had been on ‘The View’ twice, which he explained was “fine” but “high risk” as there was only one conservative woman on the show.

“The other four are sharp tongued and not conservative, Whoopie Goldberg in particular,” Romney said.

Romney added that during one interview, Goldberg suggested that she “could” vote for him.

“I said ‘I must have done something really wrong,’” Romney joked.

Romney added that he had also done the late-night shows with Letterman and Leno.

“Now Letterman hates me because I’ve been on Leno more than him,”  joked Romney. “They’re very jealous of one another as you know.”