Sen. Ron Johnson believes President Trump's border wall proposal is a metaphor for securing the border, and not a proposal for building a massive barrier between the U.S. and Mexico.

Johnson, R-Wis., said on CNN Thursday that he liked Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly's proposal to have the "wall" be a combination of fencing, concrete barriers, drones and other methods to secure the border. While Trump has promised a massive, physical wall, Johnson said he never really took it that way.

"I've always thought the wall was a metaphor for securing the border," Johnson said. "We have an administration that's committed themselves to securing the border, whatever shape and form that takes."

Kelly said in front of the Senate Homeland Security Committee Wednesday that he doesn't expect a 2,000-mile concrete wall to be built. He said he's considering physical barriers and technology to secure the border.

Johnson said that's the right approach.

"Secretary Kelly was very appropriate in terms of his all-of-the-above options," he said. "We're going to approach this in a very level-headed fashion."