Sen. Roy Blunt said Sunday North Korea, which conducted a weekend nuclear bomb test, has been the top focus for months of closed-door Senate Intelligence Committee meetings.

The Missouri Republican said on NBC's "Meet the Press" nearby countries should understand how serious the situation is and do all they can to force Kim Jong Un's government to ease tensions, punctuated recently by missile tests and a threat to fire rockets toward Guam.

"In the intel committee that I serve on, I think it doesn't disclose anything to say that in the last year this has probably been the No. 1 topic month after month — what was happening there, what are we going to do about it — and I hope the neighborhood understands how critical this is," Blunt said.

North Korea's most recent nuclear test, the nation's sixth, is believed to be much more powerful than previous bomb tests. The hermit kingdom said it tested a hydrogen bomb capable of fitting on a missile, meaning it may be easier for the country to launch smaller and more damaging nuclear warheads.

"I think the president putting everything on the table is not a bad thing right now," Blunt said, referring to President Trump's warnings of "fire and fury" in response to North Korean provocation.

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The senator said that's in part to force China to see the seriousness of the situation and take action to "quickly cool" its neighbor's economy.

"You've got a leader who is both spoiled and reckless. Spoiled and reckless is not a unique thing to find in the world today, but it is unique with somebody who has control of what may now be hydrogen weapons," Blunt said.