While Roy Moore hasn’t conceded the Alabama Senate race, the reality appears to be setting in, and so is the bitterness. Shortly after hopes of a recount ended, the beleaguered judge got on social media and let his base know just who to blame for his loss: the Muslims, the gays, and the Marxists.

On the facts, Moore may not be wrong. He lost to a Democrat with an openly gay son and more than 20,000 Alabama Muslims voted — roughly the equivalent of the Doug Jones margin of victory. And who knows? Maybe there are some hardcore communists who camped in the Alabama hills, whose conspiracy to overthrow the United States government started by throwing a special election to a Democrat.

Or maybe not.

The point is that Moore didn’t have the character to win the race, and Moore definitely doesn’t have the grace needed to lose it well. The electorate assumed as much on Election Day and voted accordingly. His whiny grievance-mongering only affirms their judgement.