Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore has denied recent sexual assault and rape allegations against him, claiming that the allegations are nothing but a left-wing hit job, aimed at destroying his prospects of becoming a senator, as well as his character.

His denial and self-defense were to be expected, but his trite accusation against the media looks like little more than a reflex.

Aside from Moore’s own shaky defense, his claim of a Leftist conspiracy against him is tough to believe for a couple of reasons. First, the Washington Post story outlining the allegations is extremely well-sourced, detailed, and corroborated. There’s another reason to disbelieve this conspiracy theory, though: Moore has made everything in his campaign about Leftist attacks against him, thus dulling that attack when it comes in this case.

Here are a select few of the subject lines from recent Moore fundraising emails, mostly before the Nov. 9 bombshell Washington Post piece:

“Liberal media is attacking Judge Moore again” (Oct. 12)

“Bernie Sanders activates foot soldiers in AL (Oct. 19)

“Bernie activates his socialist foot soldiers” (Oct. 20)

“Rachel Maddow launches fake news attack” (Oct. 21)

“George Soros and my opponent” (Oct. 23)

“Hillary Clinton launches war against me” (Oct. 29)

“Hillary Clinton targets my supporters” (Nov. 2)

“Hillary Clinton is targeting my supporters” (Nov. 3)

“Joe Biden sets his sights on me” (Nov. 8)

And most recently:

“Well-coordinated hit job” (Nov. 11)

“Mitch McConnell’s plot to destroy me (Nov. 13)

Such has been the disposition of Moore’s campaign since it began.

At rally after rally, campaign event after campaign event, and in Facebook post after Facebook post, Moore has decried liberal forces more than he has championed policy, defining his candidacy by his relation to the Left.

But is he right about all this? Perhaps, to some degree, yes.

If things are this bad for him, then he really is a martyr, as his brother declared. But it’s not that simple.

The Left, including the media, does dish it out tougher to the Right than to their own. As the Washington Examiner’s Tim Carney said on C-SPAN last week, outlets such as the Washington Post and New York Times have been undeniably presumptuous in much of their reporting about President Trump and Republicans, which has forced them to retract and correct many stories.

But most importantly, they still have an ability to say things that are true, and often produce good journalism.

There is a bias on the Left, and it’s undeniable. But the Left doesn’t have a monopoly on falsehood, as Moore and others preach. Moore has cried wolf for so long that, coupled with his own equivocation on the matter, the media defense doesn’t work. He’s in real trouble.

Jeremy Beaman (@jeremywbeaman) is a contributor to the Washington Examiner's Beltway Confidential blog. He is a former commentary desk intern for the Washington Examiner and a student at the University of Mobile. He is also a contributor to the Alabama-based Yellowhammer News.

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