Roy Moore’s chief political strategist Dean Young on Sunday shrugged off claims the Republican Alabama Senate candidate would face a Senate Ethics Committee investigation over allegations of sexual misconduct should he win the state's special election on Tuesday.

"Judge Moore's going to go to Washington, Judge Moore is going to win, and I highly doubt there's going to be a Senate investigation," Young told ABC's "This Week."

The controversial former judge has been accused of engaging in inappropriate sexual behavior toward women in their teens when he was in his 30s.

Moore has ferociously defended himself against all allegations made against him, buoyed by President Trump's endorsement and renewed support from the Republican National Committee.

His case was strengthened on Friday when one of his accusers, Beverly Young Nelson, told ABC News she added notes and an inscription beneath the message and signature from Moore in her high school yearbook.

The yearbook had been presented by Nelson as evidence that Moore knew her at the time of her alleged incident.

"Somebody's not telling the truth, and it's not Judge Moore," Young said Sunday.

"This is Donald Trump on trial in Alabama,” he added of the special election.

Moore faces Democratic challenger Doug Jones on Dec. 12 in a bid to secure Attorney General Jeff Sessions' old Senate seat.