It turns out Roy Moore’s Jewish attorney might not have been a Doug Jones supporter after all.

Kayla Moore, the wife of the failed Alabama Senate candidate, told she was actually referring to Martin Wishnatsky in her Dec. 11 speech when she refuted allegations of anti-Semitism against Roy Moore by saying “one of our attorneys is a Jew.” Wishnatsky has worked for the Moore family since Roy Moore hired him when he was chief judge of the Alabama Supreme Court, she said.

The Washington Examiner, along with other outlets, reported earlier this week that the attorney in question was likely Richard Jaffe, who previously represented the Moores’ son in criminal matters. Jaffe voted for Jones, who beat Moore in an upset and raised money for him on the campaign trail.

Jaffe noted he wasn’t sure Kayla Moore was referring to him during her speech. She told she was actually referencing Wishnatsky.

"We read where we were against Jews — even calling us Nazis," she said. "We have a Jewish lawyer working for us in our firm — Martin Wishnatsky. Judge hired him while Chief Justice, then I hired him at the foundation."

Wishnatsky considers himself a “Messianic Jew,” the term for a Jewish individual who believes Jesus Christ is the son of God. He’s also been a Mormon and an evangelical Protestant Christian during his life.

"My background is 100 percent Jewish," he told "My grandparents immigrated from Eastern Europe, and came through Ellis Island. My parents were born in Brooklyn during World War I. There were no manifestations of faith; we were Jewish, that's why we went to synagogue and not a church. It was just an ethnic characteristic."

It’s very clear that Wishnatsky is not a supporter of Jones.

Wishnatsky wrote on Dec. 1 that Jones’ “wholehearted embrace of the abortion holocaust” and his candidacy in general “is a stark reminder of how ungodly the Demcoratic Party has become.”