In an op-ed this morning, Sen. Marco Rubio R-Fla. called for the United States to strengthen its relationship with Mexico as the new president-elect Enrique Pena Nieto takes office.

“A strong, prosperous Mexico is good for the United States,” Rubio stated, prescribing several policy initiatives that would bring the United States and Mexico together. “Clearly, the need for a positive, productive U.S.-Mexico relationship is driven by far more than the immigration and transnational crime issues that dominate the headlines.”

Rubio called for increased economic incentives including lowering trade tariffs, allow international companies to work with Mexico’s national oil company, support Mexican literacy initiatives, and modernizing official ports of entry.

Rubio also suggested that the United states work closer with the Mexican government to combat drug traffickers and reduce the violence in the country.

“Mexico’s economic prosperity and social stability are more important to the United States than we usually realize,” Rubio wrote. “For our own interests, as well as Mexico’s, we must make productive relations with our neighbor to the south a foreign policy priority.”