Marco Rubio spokesman Alex Conant insisted all is well for the Florida senator's campaign Saturday, despite not registering a win in the day's contests.

This brings Rubio's contest record to 1-for-19 so far, but his team argues things will get better and they are already having an influence on the process.

"Tonight showed that the attacks by Marco Rubio on Donald Trump are having an impact," Conant said.

"At this point, nobody is on track to having the 1,237 delegates needed to secure the nomination. But after we win Florida, we are going to be on our way to doing so," Conant said.

Conant argued that Saturday was "a really bad night" for Donald Trump, who lost two states

Additionally, Conant contended that Cruz's success is all but finished because of the dearth of caucus states going forward in the schedule, as opposed to primary states, going forward.

"Ted Cruz has shown that he can win his home state and neighboring state, Oklahoma, and small rural caucuses, like Iowa and Alaska, and now Kansas. Unfortunately, there are only two states left that have caucuses, Utah and Hawaii. After that it is all primaries. Marco has done well in primaries so far," Conant said.

Rubio's only win so far, however, has been in the Minnesota caucus.

Rubio's spokesman criticized Cruz, staving off likely calls for Rubio to defer to Cruz as the main Trump challenger and drop out of the race.

"We beat Ted Cruz in Virginia. We beat Ted Cruz in South Carolina. We beat Ted Cruz in Georgia, a state that Ted Cruz originally thought he might actually win," Conant said. "So we feel really good about the map moving forward."