Florida Sen. Marco Rubio will deliver a speech on foreign policy in New Hampshire in which he says Hillary Clinton is a 'liar' for helping to cover up the real reason behind the 2012 attack in Benghazi, Libya, that resulted in the death of four Americans.

"Not only is Hillary Clinton incompetent, she's also a liar," Rubio will say, according to excerpts provided by his campaign. "While she was leading the public and the families of the fallen to believe the attack in Benghazi happened because of a YouTube video, we now know she was admitting in private emails that it was the result of terrorism. She lied to our faces."

"No one in the mainstream media has the courage to call her out for it," he will say. "If I am our nominee, voters will be reminded of it time and time again."

Rubio also plans to take veiled shots at his Republican rival Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas. Rubio has attacked Cruz for his support of efforts to scale back the ability of the U.S. government to conduct surveillance, and seems to hint at that fight again in his remarks.

"On the other side of this election is the party of Reagan, the party of strong national defense and moral clarity, yet we have Republican candidates who propose that rulers like Assad and Putin should be partners of the United States, and who have voted with Barack Obama and Harry Reid rather than with our men and women in uniform," Rubio will say. "We have isolationist candidates who are apparently more passionate about weakening our military and intelligence capabilities than about destroying our enemies. They talk tough, yet they would strip us of the ability to keep our people safe. Words and political stunts cannot ensure our security. ISIS cannot be filibustered."

After finishing his stump speech in the Granite State, Rubio will head to Iowa where he will host a town hall on Monday afternoon. Rubio ranks fourth in the Washington Examiner's newest GOP presidential power rankings.