Florida Sen. Marco Rubio denied a report Sunday from the Huffington Post that Mitt Romney is set to endorse him for the Republican presidential nomination.

"That report is false, I have no reason to believe he's anywhere near endorsing anyone. I would love to have his endorsement. It's important to nominate someone who can bring everyone together ... and that's one reason I think I'll be the nominee, and Romney could be a part of that," Rubio said on CNN's "State of the Union."

"I"ve spoken to Gov. Romeny. He is not set to endorse me. If he were, we would not be announcing it in the Huffington Post," Rubio said on ABC's "This Week."

The Huffington Post reported Sunday that Romney, the 2012 Republican nominee and party standard bearer, will get involved in the race on behalf of the Florida senator, and that he only waited this long out of respect for Jeb Bush.

Romney's endorsement would be a strong sign of the GOP establishment rallying behind Rubio in a bid to stop Donald Trump.

".@JebBush followed his family's pattern of putting country above himself. I am proud to call him a friend," Romney tweeted Saturday.

Romney himself considered a 2016 run in January 2015, but was reportedly pushed out by Bush's early robust fundraising and shaping of the race. His decision came before Trump became a dominant factor in the race.

Still, his entry into the 2016 race was repeatedly rumored as a possibility, even after that point.