Sen. Marco Rubio says he has performed "very well" in nearly every Republican presidential debate, and argued Sunday that he used a South Carolina debate to undo damage from his widely-panned performance at the previous GOP showdown.

Appearing on "Fox News Sunday" the Florida senator noted that there have been nine Republican presidential debates. "In 8.75 percent of these debates, I did very well," Rubio responded to Wallace. "I had one bad answer to one question."

Rubio and his closest opponents, Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and Jeb Bush, threw sharp barbs at each other Saturday night in a debate bloodbath where each tried to gain ground in the primary race.

Rubio said Sunday morning that he looks forward to debating whoever wins the Democratic presidential nomination, and insisted that he'd do better than everyone else.

"Here's the key. If I'm the nominee, I look forward to debating Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders and my point is that I am the conservative that wins," Rubio said. "I am the conservative that unites the Republican Party."