On FOX News last night, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani criticized President Obama’s attitude toward violent Muslim extremism, insisting that the President had “institutionalized political correctness” throughout the security branch of government.

Giuliani said that Obama has a “worse than pre-9/11 mentality” suggesting that the president should recognize the threat of Islamic extremism and Jihad after the number of terrorist attacks on American soil.

“They’re killing Americans for a purpose,” he explained. “Not just for the heck of it. Not just because they’re insane. There is a purpose to this, and if you don’t recognize the purpose, it’s very, very hard to detect them.”

The former New York mayor added that recognizing the threat of radical Islamic members “does not demean in any way legitimate members of the Islamic religion.”

“This is not just terrorism for terrorism's sake,” Giuliani said. “This is terrorism for furthering the cause of Islamic extremism.”