A legal challenge to President Trump's travel ban won't unearth former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani's memo to Trump about how to do a Muslim travel ban legally.

The Huffington Post reported a federal court judge in Detroit ruled challengers to the ban won't get Giuliani's memo, and froze all other proceedings, because the Supreme Court will likely take up the case.

"Requiring the parties and the Court to devote time and resources to resolve these matters ... would not be economical, because the Supreme Court's decision will be significantly relevant to, and possibly control, the Court's consideration of issues raised in this suit," District Judge Victoria Roberts wrote.

Giuliani said shortly after the first travel ban was handed down that he had been asked by Trump during the transition to find a legal way to do a Muslim travel ban. The comments led the challengers to seek any written communications between Giuliani and Trump about the ban. Giuliani later walked back his initial claim of his involvement in helping to put together the travel ban.

The judge stated she would revisit the decision and possibly order the memo to be released if the Supreme Court doesn't end up taking the case.

Trump's travel ban is tied up in the court system, having been struck down in two different forms. He's called on the Supreme Court to take up the case and criticized the Department of Justice for watering down the initial ban, which caused anti-travel ban protests across the country.