Attorney General Eric Holder is invested in the George Zimmerman trial being seen as racism, conservative radio commentator Rush Limbaugh said on Fox News on Wednesday.

Limbaugh highlighted documents from Judicial Watch that the non-profit government watchdog group said demonstrates that the Justice Department helped organize pro-Trayvon Martin protests.

“The DOJ – Eric Holder – was invested in this being seen as racism and unfairness and unjustness against this kid Trayvon Martin and they can’t let go of it, and that’s why there’s wall to wall [media] coverage,” Limbaugh said.

The Justice Department Community Relations Department responded to the Judicial Watch release, claiming its representatives were only in Florida as part of their mission to act as a peacemaker during community conflicts.

Limbaugh added during the Fox program that the trial should have never happened in his opinion.

“This trial, I don’t even think should be taking place,” Limbaugh said. “I don’t even think there’s a case here.”