A Russian spokeswoman charged Friday that the U.S. embassy in Moscow is flooded with CIA and Pentagon spies, a possible sign that Russia may be preparing to expel them.

"[T]here are too many CIA and Pentagon intelligence employees under the roof of the American diplomatic mission whose activities do not correspond to their status," Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said, according to Russia's Tass News Agency.

"You must have heard about the adventures of some representatives of these services, everything was available to the public — wigs, disguises and installations with performances," she added.

Russia has claimed to foil several "incidents" involving U.S. spies this year.

Zakharova's comments are just the latest escalation in tension between the two countries over diplomatic permissions they grant each other.

Late last year, former President Barack Obama suspended Russia's use of two compounds in the U.S. to retaliate for Russia's alleged meddling in the U.S. election. Russia has made it clear that it wants access to those compounds again, and Zakharova's comments could be a way to increase pressure on the Trump administration.

The Trump administration, meanwhile, has been under pressure to reveal more about its dealings with Russia after Donald Trump Jr. released emails showing he took a meeting in 2016 with a Russian lawyer, after that lawyer promised damaging information about Hillary Clinton.