Russia objected Thursday to a United Nations Security Council resolution condemning North Korea's recent ballistic missile launch because the Kremlin doesn't agree with the U.S. that the rocket was an intercontinental missile.

According to Reuters, Moscow said it believes North Korea fired an intermediate-range ballistic missile on Tuesday.

The Trump administration has confirmed it was, in fact, a longer-range intercontinental missile that has the potential to reach the U.S.

"The rationale is that based on our (Ministry of Defense's) assessment we cannot confirm that the missile can be classified as an ICBM," Russia's U.N. mission said in an email to its Security Council colleagues, Reuters reported.

"Therefore we are not in a position to agree to this classification on behalf of the whole council since there is no consensus on this issue," the email said.

U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley criticized Russia's reluctance to recognize North Korea launched an intercontinental missile capable of reaching the U.S. according to experts, a threshold North Korea has not reached before.

"If you need any sort of intelligence to let you know that the rest of the world sees this as an ICBM, I'm happy to provide it," she told the Security Council on Wednesday.

Security Council resolutions have to be agreed to by all 15 members.

Reuters reported it's uncertain if the U.S. will negotiate with Russia to adjust the resolution.