Russia could begin deploying military police to security zones in Syria after the zones are finalized in two to three weeks, the country's TASS news service reported Tuesday.

The security forces could be sent to de-escalation zones in the western part of the country that were recently brokered by Russia, Iran and Turkey during ongoing talks in Kazakhstan, Russian envoy Alexander Lavrentyev told TASS.

"Depending on the readiness of documents on security zones, I think concrete actions on deployment of forces could be taken within two or three weeks," he said.

The security operations were being negotiated as Syrian President Bashar Assad's regime, with the help of Russia, pushes closer to regaining control of the western part of the Syria from rebels and U.S.-backed coalition forces penetrate the city of Raqqa in an effort to defeat the Islamic State group.

The U.S. operations have focused on central and eastern Syria, where the Islamic State declared a de facto capital for its aspirations of a global Islamic caliphate.

The Kazakhstan talks sponsored by Russia continued Tuesday, and the areas of planned Russian security operations were yet to be fully hashed out.

"So far, it is difficult to speak about the presence of Russian monitors and defense ministry representatives, but in general it is supposed that Russian military police could be deployed in buffer security zones," Lavrentyev said.