A Russian diplomat warned the United States that more retaliation from The Kremlin is coming after Congress passed stronger sanctions against Russia last week.

Sergei Ryabkov, the deputy foreign minister for the Russian government, said on ABC's "This Week" that a move by the Kremlin to kick American diplomats out of facilities in Russia that they've occupied for decades was the start of a "long, long overdue" retaliation.

"After the Senate, the day before yesterday voted, or rather on the 27th of July voted so overwhelmingly on a completely weird and unacceptable piece of legislation, it was the last drop," he said. "If the U.S. side decides to move further towards further deterioration we will answer, we will respond in kind. We will mirror this. We will retaliate. But, my whole point is don't do this, it is to the detriment of the interests of the U.S."

The Senate and the House passed a bill that strengthens sanctions against Russia for interfering in the 2016 presidential election. The bill also ties the hands of President Trump and the White House if they want to weaken the sanctions, while also tying sanctions against Iran and other hostile countries into the bill.

Ryabkov said the Russians "have a very rich toolbox at our disposal" for retaliation against the United States.

"We are not gamblers. We are people who consider things very seriously and very responsibly," he said. "But, I can assure you that different options are on the table and consideration is being given to all sorts of things."