Students and professors at Rutgers University in New Jersey don't want former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to give the university's 2014 commencement address.

In a resolution to the university’s board of governors, the New Brunswick Faculty Council said that “Condoleezza Rice … played a prominent role in the administration’s effort to mislead the American people about the presence of weapons of mass destruction.”

Students at the university added:

Do the positive aspects of her personal accomplishments really outweigh the destruction of war she contributed to during her political career? She was a major proponent of the 2003 invasion of Iraq, which has been arguably the worst and most destructive decision in the history of U.S. foreign policy.

This from the same university that wants President Obama (who voted to fund the Iraq war as a senator and continued it upon his election to the White House) to be the 2016 commencement speaker.

Rutgers is no stranger to controversy regarding campus speakers. In 2011, the university came under fire for paying Nobel Prize-winning author Toni Morrison $30,000 to deliver the commencement speech. It was the first time the university had ever paid a speaker.

And university professors and students were perfectly fine with allowing “Jersey Shore” reality TV star Snooki speak on campus. In fact, the students invited her (and paid her $32,000 for her appearance, which was more than the university gave Morrison).