Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg won't retire early in order to give President Obama the opportunity to appoint another Supreme Court justice, she told the Northern Virginia Technology Council.

"I think one should stay as long as she can do the job full-steam," Ginsburg said Tuesday during a question and answer session with former U.S. Solicitor General Ted Olson. "I suppose there were many people who wanted Justice Brennan and Justice Marshall to leave when a Democrat was president, but they didn't."

Thurgood Marshall, a liberal justice, served for 24 years on the Supreme Court, retiring in 1991 when George H.W. Bush was president. Bush appointed the originalist Justice Clarence Thomas to replace him. William Brennan served on the Supreme Court from 1956 to 1990. George H.W. Bush appointed David Souter as his replacement.

"The No. 1 question is, can you do the job? Can you think as well? Can you write with the same fluency?" Ginsburg continued. "And at my age, you take it year by year. I'm okay this year."