A top Republican lawmaker said Tuesday it is imperative for GOP voters to nominate and elect a president who is above all else loyal to the Constitution's principles.

House Speaker Paul Ryan told Fox News' Sean Hannity if congressional Republicans can push a strong conservative agenda in 2016, it will gather more support for a similarly minded presidential candidate.

"We have to have a conservative in the White House that isn't trashing the Constitution, that isn't going with the phone and the pen routine, and that is why — the reason I took this job, the reason I took this job and my colleagues know this is — we have to go on offense in 2016, and we have to offer a bold agenda to the country so that the people of this country who do not like the direction America is heading — which we don't — that we owe them an alternative," Ryan said in a preview of his Tuesday night interview.

Hannity likened the Wisconsin representative's agenda to forging a "new contract with America."

Ryan said GOP lawmakers have already turned over a new leaf by pushing a bill that would defund Obamacare and Planned Parenthood, and promised that Congress would vote to overturn a presidential veto of the legislation.