Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke was heckled by protesters Friday while giving a major energy policy speech at the Heritage Foundation.

He tried to ignore the protesters but became visibly angered and used his prepared remarks about America not kneeling to any nation to direct his ire at the activists.

"Our decisions will be guided by our flag and not kneel to anyone," Zinke said, leaning into the crowd from the podium and emphasizing the words "not kneel" in a loud and directed tone.

Activists interrupted him several times, criticizing the administration for placing increased emphasis on fossil fuels.

Zinke said there are "two visions" for the nation's energy future. "One side believes we should retreat into a fortress of regulation and red tape, where foreign nations take the lead as America drowns itself in process and procedure. This is not the vision of President Trump."

Zinke added that the nation's participation in the global energy market will protect "America's sovereignty and not surrender it." He said the president believes in a policy of "energy dominance."

He explained that energy dominance is different than the past concept of "energy independence."

"Our goal is an America that is the strongest energy superpower this world has ever known," Zinke said.