Vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan’s Wisconsin neighbors will not see a provocative Medicare ad that purports to show him throwing an old woman off of a cliff, if the local NBC affiliate can help it.

WMTV, which  serves a swing district of Wisconsin around Madison that includes Ryan’s hometown of Janesville, will not run the ad.

‘They did refuse,” Erica Payne of The Agenda Project, which made the ad, told The Washington Examiner. “It is the only station that has refused and it happens to be in Paul Ryan’s home town.”

As Ryan moved into the presidential campaign, The Agenda Project updated an advertisement that shows a Paul Ryan look-alike pushing an old woman off of a cliff.

“Remember what Paul Ryan did to Granny?” the new version asks, before replaying old footage and then suggesting that voters reject Mitt Romney because he picked Ryan as his running mate.

The apparent murder is supposed to be a metaphor for Ryan’s proposed Medicare reforms. Politicos of both parties expected Ryan to be vulnerable on the Medicare issue after Romney selected him as the vice presidential candidate, but the Republican ticket has the Obama campaign on defense over the $716 billion that he pulled out of Medicare to pay for Obamacare.

Ryan even appeared with his mother, a Medicare recipient who lives in Florida, during a campaign stop at a retirement community called The Villages.

“She is why I am here. She and her grandchildren — that’s why I’m here,” Ryan said. “It’s what my mom relies on. Medicare will not be used as a piggy bank for Obamacare.” Ryan argues that Obama’s failure to reform the program will cause it to collapse in the next several years.

Why won’t the TV station run The Agenda project’s ad? “They told us first that it was ‘due to content’ and then we asked them to clarify and they said their lawyers had advised them not to answer the question,” Payne told the Examiner.

The Washington Examiner left messages at the television statement to ask about ad.

H/T Greg Mitchell