Speaker Paul Ryan has a new election challenger in Ohio political activist David Yankovich. It might not be worth mentioning — as someone who isn't even from the area, he might well lose in the primary and never get the chance to face Ryan, as surely there are some local Democrats interested in making the run. But Yankovich was a prolific writer on the Huffington Post right up until President Trump's election.

His last dispatch, published on election day around the time polls closed, was written in a fictional voice from the year 2019. The piece narrates a future that is not just dystopian, but apocalyptic. President Trump, he explains, has cancelled the 2020 election. All opposition to him had gone underground now that it's illegal to criticize him. Oh, and it's also mandatory now to say "Merry Christmas."

Just to give you a sample:

The wall cost around $25 billion dollars, and in a few years from now, it will cost more to maintain the wall than it did to build it. Frequently, tunnels are found under the wall, and several times blasts have blown it open. President Trump placed 75,000 troops at the wall to guard it, with authority to kill as necessary. Many have died, choking on their own blood at the base of the greatest wall ever built, all for having the audacity to hope for a better life.
Muslims have been banned from the United States, those living here already were also sent to the camps "until we can figure this terrorism issue out." They never returned, and request from the UN has been met with blistering responses from the White House.

Given that it was published at about 6:30 eastern time on election night, this must have been written as a cautionary tale, without any expectation that Trump was going to win. It appears to be his last contribution on the site.