S.E. Cupp and Krystal Ball said they would spend their time speaking at a heating, ventilation and air-conditioning industry gathering Wednesday at the Hay-Adams hotel, breathlessly speculating about politics and feigning outrage whenever possible. But the two hosts of MSNBC's "The Cycle" came to agreement on many of the folks they'd like to see on the presidential ticket in 2016.

Ball, the Democrat, said she's all for Hillary Clinton running, but loves Joe Biden, as well. "And one other person S.E. knows I have a fondness for is Rahm Emanuel, who has been floated as a presidential candidate," Ball told the crowd. "I don't know why -- he's tough, he's a tough negotiator, he gets things done," she began. "You find him attractive," Cupp interrupted. "I find him attractive," Ball laughed.

Ball said she'd be excited if the Republicans picked Chris Christie. "How fun would a Biden-Christie or Emanuel-Christie matchup be?" she mused.

Cupp, the Republican, also had a fondness for the current veep. "I would also like to see Joe Biden for different reasons," she laughed. "I think that Rand Paul and Marco Rubio, if they work together, are two crucial pieces of the puzzle that we need," Cupp said. And her wildcard presidential pick? "I'm also watching [Gov.] Mike Pence, R-Ind., very carefully," she said. "I've always really liked him."