Sally Quinn never tires of showing off her historic, George Washington-era Georgetown home she keeps with hubby Ben Bradlee.

But in her latest tour of the "D.C. Crib," the famed Washington Post writer reveals that she has hung a note from former President Richard Nixon, which the paper helped to shoo out of office with its Watergate coverage, in her bathroom.

For "Now This News" and the website's "DC Cribs" feature, Quinn introduces the world to her "powder room" where the note from the National Archives hangs.

"This was from the National Archives and it's [former White House Chief of Staff H.R.] Halderman taking dictation from Richard Nixon and it says, 'Never invite Sally Quinn. Violated rules and attacked a guest at church.'"

Quinn said she believes the note is a reference to a church service she covered at the Nixon White House. Reporters weren't allowed to talk to guests, but she did anyway.

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