DURHAM, New Hampshire—While Hillary Clinton held a serious rally in down state New Hampshire with two senators and a former President Monday night, Bernie Sanders supporters gathered at the University of New Hampshire to sit on the floor and sing songs on the last night before the New Hampshire primary.

Hundreds of students filled the university's Whittemore Center to hear a series of alternative rock bands such as Young the Giant, Matt Nathanson and Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros open for Bernie Sanders. In between performances, organizers and minor celebrities such as Emily Ratajkowski praised the candidate and encouraged supporters to turn up at the polls tomorrow, reminding them that the university would run shuttles from campus to the polls.

But no band "felt the Bern" harder than Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. Sharpe inserted Sanders' name into all of his songs and encouraged the crowd to sing along. After repeatedly professing his deep admiration for Sanders and explaining how "honored" he was to be here singing for Sanders, Sharpe jumped into the crowd.

"What good is a revolution if there isn't dancing?" he exclaimed.

By now the campaign rally hardly looked like a political event anymore. The singer danced with Bernie voters and then after a couple upbeat songs asked the young voters to sit on the ground with him. The entire arena sat on the ground, put their arms around each other and sang "Lean on Me" underneath the "Bernie 2016" banner.

By the time Sanders finally took the stage, two hours late due to the snow storm raging outside, the crowd was in full kumbaya mode, having spent hours dancing to live bands and talking about the ideals of democratic socialism.

After the candidate gave his usual stump speech, all of the bands took to the stage together to sing a custom song entitled "Feel the Bern!"

As New Hampshire Democrats will head to the polls tomorrow, Sanders holds a wide lead over Clinton with some polls showing him dominating the field by as much as 20 points.