Bernie Sanders raised $6.3 million more than Hillary Clinton during the month of January, according to Federal Elections Commission reports filed Saturday.

Announcing a $21.3 million donations haul from the month of January, the Sanders campaign also declared that they reached the 4 million contributors mile mark. The Vermont senator's average campaign donation was $27. Only 3 percent of Sanders supporters contributed that maximum $2,700.

The Clinton campaign raised only $15 million in January through the Hillary Victory Fund and now has 750,000 campaign contributors. The former secretary of state raised $4.2 million from contributions of $200 or less. She raised an additional $5 million for the Democratic National Committee and state parties across the nation.

Sanders' January surge in fundraising came as he gained momentum in both Iowa and New Hampshire. Although the democratic socialist candidate outpaced Clinton during January, the candidate has no formal finance or fundraising team within his campaign and his digital team directs his fundraising efforts. The Clinton campaign has a large team specifically dedicated to attracting campaign donations.

"Our campaign is a strong grassroots movement supported by middle-class Americans from working families, not billionaires trying to buy elections," said Jeff Weaver, Sanders' campaign manager. "This campaign is built for the long haul and is drawing millions of new people into the process."

Sanders fell short to Clinton in the Nevada caucus on Saturday.