Sen. Bernie Sanders brought Hillary Clinton back to reality at Thursday's Democratic debate when he told her that, despite her vocalized plans for a Clinton administration, she's "not in the White House yet."

The two Democratic hopefuls teed off over the cost of implementing plans once in the White House. Clinton criticized Sanders for not being specific about the costs his plans for free college tuition, healthcare and an overhaul of the nation's infrastructure.

Clinton then went on the offensive, saying she has been "very specific" about where she would get the funding for her proposals.

"My price tag is about 100 billion dollars a year. I will not throw us further into debt. I believe I can get the money that I need by taxing the wealthy, closing loopholes, things we're way overdue for..." Clinton said.

Sanders defended his record, telling Clinton every proposal he had introduced was paid for, before attacking Clinton for her talking as if she had already won the nomination.

"Secretary Clinton, you're not in the White House yet," Sanders retorted.