Sandra Fluke, best known as the 32-year-old perpetual student who didn’t want to pay for her own birth control, has come out with a video in support of the “Ban Bossy” campaign.

The video, for those who don’t want to watch it, shows a group of middle-school-aged girls saying they won’t be doing this or that because they got called words like “pushy,” “know-it-all” and “bossy.”

As if no girl ever gets past that.

The entire "Ban Bossy" campaign is demeaning because it tells girls they aren’t strong enough to handle being called bossy and therefore the word must be banned.

Fluke became well-known after she testified before Congress that she could not afford birth control -- so it should be free without a co-pay. Now she's running for the California state Senate and telling girls they're not strong enough to handle being called bossy.

Perhaps Fluke should worry more about empowering young women than telling them they need help.