Former Vice President candidate Sarah Palin was unwilling to join conservatives criticizing Condoleezza Rice after the Drudge Report reported that she was currently the frontrunner in Mitt Romney’s search for Vice President.

“I think that Condoleezza Rice would be a wonderful vice-president,” Palin said warmly to Greta Van Susteren last night noting that Rice “certainly has much more experience than our sitting president does today.”

When asked about Rice’s “moderately pro-choice” views, Palin reminded Van Susteren that the vice-president does not legislate abortion.
“I would certainly prefer a Presidential and Vice-Presidential candidate who had that respect for all innocent precious purposeful human life.” Palin added, citing her own pro-life views. “We need to remember, though, that it’s not the Vice-President that would legislate abortion and that would be Congress’s role and we’ll keep that in mind.”