On "Fox News Sunday," former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin explained why she didn't care whether people choose to use the phrase "happy holidays" during the Christmas season.

Read the full exchange below:

WALLACE: And, finally, what's wrong with the idea of a business or a government at some level in an effort to be inclusive to people of all faiths, saying "happy holidays" instead of "merry Christmas"?

PALIN: Well, there's not a doggone thing that's wrong with saying "happy holidays." It's like I say before Christmas, "happy Hanukkah." After Christmas, you can say "happy Kwanzaa." But as for Christmas itself, Jesus is the reason for the season. And Christ is the foundation of Christmas. So, to have a double standard, try to be applied to say, well, you just can't say "merry Christmas" or invoke God or Bethlehem or an angel when anything spiritual when it comes to actually that day, Dec. 25, Christmas, otherwise somebody may take offense, it's a double standard, more hypocrisy, more nonsense, and I'm just saying no, we're going to protect the heart of Christmas because Christ is what it's all about.