White House press secretary Sarah Sanders had a simple message to Sen. Jeff Flake after the outgoing Arizona senator criticized Trump on the floor of the Senate Tuesday: “I don’t really care.”

“I don’t really care what Sen. Flake has to say, I don’t think his constituents do either and I think that’s why his numbers are in the tank,” Sanders said during the Tuesday press briefing.

Sanders was responding to Flake ripping Trump on the floor for Trump’s comments Monday in Ohio when he called Democrats “treasonous” for not clapping for him during the State of the Union.

Trump and Flake have had an ongoing feud dating back to before Trump's election as president. Flake has frequently criticized Trump's lack of decorum and behavior in office, but has mostly voted along with the president's agenda.

The White House has argued Trump was making a tongue-in-cheek comment, but that Democrats really should be celebrating him and his administration’s accomplishment.

“The president was clearly joking with his comments but what isn’t a joke is that Democrats refuse to celebrate the accomplishments of last year that has helped all Americans,” Sanders said.