White House press secretary Sarah Sanders accused the news media of using the deaths of four soldiers in Niger as an attack against President Trump.

Speaking on a panel Monday at George Washington University, Sanders said that the ambush in Niger earlier this month was not a defining moment for the president, though she said the press wants to portray it that way.

"I would not say that this is the defining moment," she told co-panelist April Ryan, a White House reporter for American Urban Radio Networks. "I wouldn't characterize it as that. I think the media would like for it to be. They want to create a narrative that I don't necessarily agree with. And I think that there is certainly a desire to make this into a situation of kind of an attack point on the president. I don't necessarily agree with that process at all."

The ambush in Niger took place Oct. 4 and was highlighted last week after Democratic Rep. Frederica Wilson said one of the widows of the fallen soldiers was disrespected in a phone call from Trump. Wilson and the widow, Myeshia Johnson, accused Trump of taking a cavalier tone.