White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said Tuesday President Trump's joke on Friday about police officers being "rough" with suspects was not a "directive" and should not be taken as one by officers in the field.

"Not at all," Sanders said when asked if Trump was making a joke about police brutality.

"I think you guys are jumping and trying to make something out of nothing. He was simply making a comment, making a joke. It was nothing more than that."

When pressed further over comments made by Chuck Rosenberg, the Drug Enforcement Administration's administrator, who said that the president was condoning "police misconduct," Sanders said that the comment was nothing more than a joke.

"It wasn't a directive. It was a joke," Sanders said. "There's a very big difference."

"I think the president supports our law enforcement, and he supports the citizens of this country, and he wants to empower our law enforcement to be able to do their job. I don't think there's anything beyond that."