Much has been made about Mitt Romney’s inability to connect with voters. He seems dogged by the perception that he’s not authentic. And a big reason for that is the inauthentic way he “dresses down” to show ordinary folks that he’s one of them.

Jeans that appear to have been bought already broken in, and plaid shirts buttoned to the wrist, don’t cut it as the uniform of working people. They make Romney look like a hedge fund manager going to a Western theme party in Southampton. He might as well dress for a toga party.

Even if the clothes don’t make the man (as Al Gore in earth colors and Lamar Alexander in red-and-black plaid shirt can attest), they should at least reflect the man. Romney is a businessman. If he’s like most businessmen, he walks around the office in a dress shirt with his sleeves rolled up, his tie loosened, and the top button of his shirt unfastened.

Bottom line: Be yourself, Mitt. You’re not fooling anyone with the costume you’re wearing now.