On "Saturday Night Live," many viewers were likely surprised to see a politically themed skit mocking Obamacare.

The actor playing Obama was featured in a mock press conference touting the benefits of Obamacare and asking a man and his son to tell the audience how great it was.

"Wow! I am so relieved that my dumb, lazy, good-for-nothing son has full health coverage," the dad said. "We kept telling him, 'Hey, idiot, have you to get a job to earn health care,' but Mr. Obama here, he made sure that my son will never have to lift a finger to get insurance."

An actor playing Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz then made an appearance and recited Dr. Seuss.

Fans of the show "Breaking Bad" may also have been surprised by a cameo featuring the character Jesse Pinkman to talk about a "friend" in New Mexico suffering from cancer.