Saudi Arabian traditionalists staged a protest last week against what they call "Westernizing" reforms - including potentially allowing girls to participate in sports classes.

Earlier this month, Saudi Arabia's Shura Council, a consultative assembly that proposes laws to the king, considered letting girls in state schools participate in physical education classes. Girls in private schools already participate.

But some clerics and conservative Saudis don’t like the idea of girls doing anything that might give them confidence (or, you know, strength), and claimed that the country was losing its Islamic values.

Because nothing says "values" like prohibiting women from driving, or forcing them to get approval from a male guardian to travel, receive and education or obtain certain surgeries.

One might ask, “who are we to question their values?”

The answer is simple, this is not actually about “values,” but about human rights. Women are not property, they are human beings, and treating them as anything else is not about “values.” Is a human rights violation, which is something that should outrage everyone.